To introduce students of all ages and levels to connecting mind, movement and dance, and to support developing artistry in young people through choreography and dance.

Executive Director for the Carole Cascio Fund
Peter Pucci


Movement, in its various forms was always central to Carole’s artistic and educational endeavors. In her words,

“As we experience our world through moving in it and dancing about it, we remind our ourselves of the truth and knowledge that is stored, away from awareness. When a dance is performed and watched, both dancer and audience share another person’s awareness conveyed by a language that is universal and for which no words suffice.”

“Dance remains a rich and continuous medium for art making, as well as for intellectual personal revelation”

-Carole Cascio


Carole believed in the power of dance to transform lives. Her wish was to create a foundation to support dance in the community she lived in. We honor her legacy as an exemplary Professor of Dance, a Dance Educator, a Choreographer, a Professional Dancer and a Dance Company Director and as an Artist.

The Fund will provide support and funding in dance education in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, master classes, and to choreographers in Queen Annes County, Kent County and at Chesapeake College. 

The fund will also support the Dance Program at the Community College of Baltimore’s Essex campus where Carole taught for thirty years.